Restaurant Health Inspections May 6-10

The Vigo County Health Department inspected the following food establishments May 6-10:

American Legion Krietenstein Post 104, 2690 Fort Harrison Road (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Pink debris observed on ice chute inside ice machine; surface temperature of utensils after running through dishwasher found at 152 degrees – should be 160 degrees to sanitize.

First Wok, 2570 Wabash Ave. (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Raw chicken and beef found above sauces and cabbage in reach-in cooler; large colander and bus tubs found with old food debris.

Jade Garden – Tokyo Inc, 3375 S. 3rd Place (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Pork and lo mein found at 58-62 degrees – should be 41 degrees or less; found black debris on soda fountain nozzles.

Uncle Al’s Pecans, 1616 Poplar St. (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Soup in walk-in outdated (discarded); food from freezer not re-dated.

Holiday Inn, 3300 US 41 South (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Mold observed in soda nozzle cup holder in bar.

Wendy’s #76, 3421 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Chili in drive-thru not marked with time to discard.

Ballyhoo International, 900 Chestnut St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Cup holder for soda nozzle observed with mold.

Marine Corps League, 3006 N. 16th St. (1 Critical) Breading with clump found at room temperature – should be 41 degrees or less.

Sonic Drive-In, 2149 S. Indiana 46 (1 Critical) Soda nozzle at drive thru found with debris.

Riley Food Mart, 7694 E. First Drive (1 Critical) Meat grinder in walk-in cooler found with hamburger in attachment.

Piloni’s Italian Restaurant, 1733 Lafayette Ave. (1 Critical) Debris found on ice machine chute.

Royal Mandarin, 11 Meadows (1 Critical) Knives with food debris on rack with clean knives.

Wendy’s #81, 2049 Lafayette Ave. (9 Non-Critical)

Wendy’s #78, 229 S. Third St. (4 Non-Critical)

Fort Harrison Mini Mart, 1301 Fort Harrison Road (3 Non-Critical)

Papa John’s, 4842 S. US Hwy 41 (2 Non-Critical)

Pizza Hut of Terre Haute, 2400 S. 3rd St. (2 Non-Critical)

Starbucks, 4900 U.S. 41 S. (1 Non-Critical)

Big Shooters, 2938 N. 16th St. (1 Non-Critical)

Antique Dairy Queen, 395 E. Davis Drive (1 Non-Critical)

Java City, 5500 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Subway, 1485 Fort Harrison Road (1 Non-Critical)

Dollar Tree Store #3164, 3648 S. U.S. 41 (1 Non-Critical)

Sycamore Manor, 222 S. 25th S.t (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments with no violations:

Joe Muggs Coffee Shop, 3370 S. U.S. 41

Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels, 3401 S. U.S. 41

Logan’s, 5500 Wabash Ave.

Vigo County Head Start, 705 S. Fifth St.

Valley Tobacco and Grocery, 431 National Ave.

Honey Creek Middle School, 6601 Carlisle St.

Dixie Bee Elementary, 1655 E. Jessica Drive

Ritter’s Frozen Custard, 2203 N. Lafayette Ave.

Readers Choice Winners

readers choice_logo2013_1The 2013 Tribune-Star Readers Choice Eating Establishments are listed here by their category.  Establishments in BOLD have their menu on this site.  We will attempt to get menus for all of these establishments on-line as soon as possible.




J. Ford’s Black Angus

Saratoga Restaurant

Lake House Restaurant


The Copper Bar

Charlie’s Pub & Grub

Sonka Irish Pub



Ballyhoo Pizza King



J. Ford’s Black Angus

Stables Steakhouse

Texas Roadhouse


Bev’s Cafe

Coffee Cup

MCL Cafeteria


Rick’s Smokehouse & Grill

Homey’s BBQ

Pappy’s BBQ


MCL Cafeteria

Baesler’s Market

Kentucky Fried Chicken


Stables Steakhouse

Saratoga Restaurant

Lake House Restaurant






Logan’s Rib-eye

Baesler’s Market

Ruby Tuesday


Jade Garden

Royal Mandarin

Panda Garden


Park Avenue Diner

The Bush



Sushi Umi Grill

Tokyo Japan

Teppanyaki Grill



Mogger’s Brewery

Cheeseburger in Paradise


Boo’s Crossroads


Clabber Girl


Coffee Cup


Boo’s Crossroads


Java Haute


Coffee Grounds


Real Hacienda

Los Tres Caminos

Chivas Mexican


Red Lobster

Sushi Umi Grill

Long John Silver’s

Restaurant Health Inspections April 8-12

Restaurant Health Inspections conducted during the week of April 8-12, 2013:

Stephen’s Inn, 2330 S. 13th St. (2 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Cigarette with ashes in ashtray observed behind bar; cup holding soda nozzle observed with debris.
Whiskey Barrel Tavern, 2452 First Ave. (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Soda dispenser observed with debris.
Mike’s Market Inc, 2601 S. Third St. (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Cheeseburgers and cutlets found at 118 to 130 degrees in display case; should be 135 degrees or above.
Taco Casita, 2001 Wabash Ave. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Table-mounted can opener found with debris.
Starbucks Coffee Co, 3017 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical) No certified food handler on staff.
Aramark-Rose Hulman, 5500 Wabash Ave. (1 Critical) On serving line, found egg salad, sausage, sliced ham and salami at 46 to 52 degrees; should be 41 degrees or less (all discarded).
Rick’s Smokehouse & Grill, 3100 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)
Java Haute, 3805 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)
Aramark-Subway, 5500 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)
Aramark-Noble Roman’s, 5500 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)
Tippecanoe Place, 2149 Tippecanoe St. (1 Non-Critical)
International House of Pancakes, 2901 S. Third St. (1 Non-Critical)
Subway Pilot, 5555 W. Margaret Ave. (1 Non-Critical)
Pilot Corp. 297, 5555 E. Margaret Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments With No Violations

Aramark C Store, 5500 Wabash Ave.

Archie’s Tavern Inc., 2640 Prairieton Road

Meadows Elementary School, 55 S. Brown Ave.
Mark’s Par Three Inc., 2401 N. Chamberlain St.
Vigo County Juvenile Center, 202 Crawford St.
Dairy Queen, 1331 N. 13th St.

Approved to Open

Dollar General, 2501 Maple Ave.

Restaurant Inspections April 1-5

La Isla Mexican Restaurant, 1559 Fort Harrison Road (3 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Container of rice found at 130 degrees, not cooled within time limit (discarded); table-mounted can opener found with debris; spray bottles containing toxic substance not labeled.

Fazoli’s, 2930 S. Third St. (2 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Debris found on drive-through and lobby soda fountain nozzles; no sanitizer measured in several wiping cloth buckets.

The Smoothie Hut Café & Oasis, 1800 N. Fruitridge Ave. (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) No proof of certified food handler; handwash sink blocked by rolling food cart.

China Garden, 1353 Wabash Ave. (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Found serving tray and plastic container in both handwash sinks; raw eggs found stored over bags of onions and carrots in walk-in cooler.

Clarion, 3053 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Sausage gravy in refrigerator not date marked.

The Bush Family Restaurant, 932 Locust St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) No sanitizer measured in dishwasher.

Taco Casita, 2201 S. Third St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Debris found inside ice machine.

Moon Dawg Lounge, 408 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Certified food handler expired.

Marathon Express Mart #6, 2455 Lafayette Ave. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Sandwiches in warmer not time marked to discard in four hours.

Jonesey’s Eastside Diner, 8775 Wabash Ave. (1 Critical) No sanitizer measured in dishwasher.

Casey’s General Store, 3266 N. 25th St. (1 Critical) Sausage gravy incorrectly date marked.

Illiana Lounge & Pizzeria, 925 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute (3 Non-Critical)

Vigo County Jail – Canteen Services Inc., 201 Cherry St. (3 Non-Critical)

Fast Max Sunoco, 2219 Lafayette Ave., (2 Non-Critical)

Reiser’s, 826 W. Johnson Drive (1 Non-Critical)

Fontanet Tavern, 11150 Gallagher Road (1 Non-Critical)

Grand Traverse Pie Co., 75 N. Third St. (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments With No Violations

Family Dollar No. 2332, 1128 Locust St.

Family Dollar Store No. 3890, 7 Plaza North

Maryvale Housing WCIEDD, 3461 St. Mary’s Road

The Original Green Acres, 7093 Rosedale Road

Dollar General, 979 Poplar St.

Travelodge, 530 S. Third St.

Hulman Links 19th Hole, 900 N. Chamberlain St.

Rea Park, 3500 S. Seventh St.

Dollar General No. 2569, 1168 Lafayette Ave.

Follow-up Inspections

Penn Station, 3642 S. U.S. 41 (No violations)

Restaurant Inspections for April 15

Penn Station, 3642 U.S. 41 S. (3 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Blanched fries in cooler not cooled within time limits (discarded); fries not marked with time to discard; chicken salad and tuna salad found at 52 degrees, should be 41 degrees or less.

Burger King No. 14553, 3087 Wabash Ave. (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Metal racks found with grease buildup; pickles observed in handwash sink by specialty drink station.

Denny’s Restaurant No. 392, 3442 U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Orange juice residue in handwash sink.

Osaka Buffet, 2143 Indiana 46 (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) On buffet, found lo mein, rice, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp buda, muscles, ham, Thailand chicken and fried zucchini found at 98 to 130 degrees, should be 135 degrees or higher.

Hissho Sushi at Baesler’s Market, 2900 Poplar St. (1 Critical) Cooked rice found on counter at 85 degrees after three hours (discarded).

Coffee Cup Family Restaurant, 1512 Lafayette Ave. (2 Non-Critical)

St. Mary’s Supper Club & Catering, 3700 N. Arms Place (1 Non-Critical)

Fox Grocery, 6869 N. Clinton St. (1 Non-Critical)

North Star Tavern, 2301 Lafayette Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

7th & Elm Bar & Grill, 729 N. 7th St. (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments With No Violations

Terre Town Elementary School, 2121Boston Ave.

Dollar General No. 6061, 7 Meadows Shopping Center

The Pit Stop, 6321 N. Clinton St.

Woodrow Wilson Middle School, 301 S. 25th St.

Sarah’s Philippines Store, 114 N. 13th St.

Footer’s Pizza, 1103 S. 25th St.

Speedway No. 5173, 3388 S. U.S. 41

Follow-up Inspections

Page’s Food Market Inc., 2600 Lafayette Ave, (1 Critical)

Approved to Open

Express Mart, 1831 N. 3rd St.

Restaurant Inspections April 8

Logan’s Rib-Eye, 100 S. Fruitridge Ave. (5 Critical, 5 Non-Critical) Baked potatoes on sheet pan left from night before (discarded); alfredo sauce in container not date marked; back of handles on handwash sink dirty; knives with food debris on rack; mounted can opener accumulated with food debris; bucket observed in handwash sink in bar.

Kroger J-981 & Fuel Center, 2650 Wabash Ave. (3 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Pans in bakery observed with accumulated baked-on food debris; no sanitizer dispensing in three-bay sinks in deli and meat department; spray bottle observed in handwash sink.

Crossroads Cafe, 679 Wabash Ave. (2 Critical) Tuna salad and chicken salad in top of cooler 51 degrees, should be 41 degrees or less; baked potatoes, sausage gravy and cooked chicken breasts not date marked.

Bob’s Country Market, 4802 U.S. 150 (2 Critical) Hamburger patties and breakfast sandwich in hot box found at 115 degrees, should be 135 degrees or above (discarded); spray nozzle at 3-bay sink falls below flood rim.

Kroger J-911 & Fuel Center, 2140 Fort Harrison Ave. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Package chicken in open-face cooler found at 45 to 49 degrees, should be 41 degrees or less (discarded).

Snack’s Café, 7 W. Paris Ave., West Terre Haute (3 Non-Critical)

Kroger J-987 & Fuel Center, 4714 S. U.S. 41 (2 Non-Critical)

The Light House Mission, 1450 Wabash Ave. (2 Non-Critical)

Stuckey’s Pecan Shop, 9950 S. U.S. 41 (2 Non-Critical)

The New Goshen Pub, 2477 N. Durkees Ferry Road (1 Non-Critical)

Midway Bar & Grill, 10892 U.S. 150 (1 Non-Critical)

Honey Baked Ham, 120 W. Honey Creek Parkway (1 Non-Critical)

Bogey’s Family Fun Center, 3601 Union Road (1 Non-Critical)

Moose Lodge 1009, 3708 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Seelymart, 9681 E. U.S. 40 (1 Non-Critical)

Circle K, 6270 E. Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments With

No Violations

Becky’s Cafe, 1462 Lafayette Ave.

Booker T. Washington Community Center, 1101 S. 13th St.

Bonebrake’s Dairy Queen, 3201 Wabash Ave.

Hamilton Center Inc. Sub-Acute, 1400 E. Crossing Blvd.

Mike’s Stop & Shop Inc., 2900 S. Indiana 63

Little Cee’s Pizza, 2522 Krumbharr

Edibles Catering & Food to Go, 2629 S. Third St.

Brownstone Manor WCIEDD, 66 S. 12th St.

Glenda’s Place, 230 Paris Ave.

Walgreens, 3603 S. U.S. 41

Scott’s Stop, 2690 Durkees Ferry Road

West Vigo Middle and High School, 4750 W. Sarah Myers Drive

Follow-up Inspections

Pizza Hut Delivery, 1301 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Logan’s Rib-Eye, 100 S. Fruitridge Ave. (No violations)

Approved to Open

Country Roads Café, Suite 1, 1001 National Ave., West Terre Haute

Riley Pizza City, 6325 Indiana 46

April 1, 20113 Restaurant Inspections

Penn Station No. 194, 2736 Wabash Ave. (3 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Bacon and sliced cheeses found at 54 to 60 degrees; should be 41 degrees or less. Potato fries not marked with time of disposal. White bins used for fries and sheet pans found with food debris and grease.

Great Wall, 100 N. Third St. (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Found uncovered employee drink on shelf above prep table.

Pizza Hut Delivery, 1301 Wabash Ave. (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Handwash sink in dish area found dirty.

McDonald’s, 3032 Wabash Ave. (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical) Breakfast burritos not date marked and/or incorrectly dated.

500 Express, 1240 Ohio St. (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) No one in charge at time of inspection.

Marathon Express Mart No. 2, 820 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Sandwiches in warmer not time marked.

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 823 Poplar St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Cole slaw and sliced turkey not marked with date of consumption.

Burger King No. 5804, 2116 Lafayette Ave. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Pass through trays, racks, clear plastic containers and sheet pans found greasy; choppers put away with food debris.

The Wyndmoor, 1465 E. Crossing Blvd. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) No sanitizer measured in dishwasher.

Papa John’s, 4842 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Veggie slicer found with built-up old food debris.

Taj-Mahal, 1349 S. Third St. (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Found dirty knives hanging on clean knife rack.

Young Men’s Club Inc., 9 W. Paris Ave., West Terre Haute (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Ice observed in hand wash sink.

Bohannon’s, 1728 Wabash Ave. (2 Non-Critical)

Benjamin’s Family Dining of Terre Haute, 3295 N. Fruitridge Ave. (2 Non-Critical)

Tiers of Elegance Cakery, 2939 S. Seventh St. (2 Non-Critical)

Subway, 423 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute (1 Non-Critical)

AMC Showplace 12, 3153 S. Third Place (1 Non-Critical)

Sonka Irish Pub & Café/Hard Times Inc, 1366 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Charlie’s Inc., 1608 Crawford St. (1 Non-Critical)

Texas Roadhouse, 2941 S. Third St, (1 Non-Critical)

Little Caesars, 2520 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

American Legion, 414 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute (1 Non-Critical)

J Gumbo’s, 428 Wabash Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

The Landing at Fort Harrison, 3350 N. Fourth St. (1 Non-Critical)

CVS, 1320 Maple Ave. (1 Non-Critical)

Follow-up Inspections

China Wok, 3247 N. 21st St. (3 Non-Critical)

China Wok, 3247 N. 21st St. (No violations)

Crazy Buffet, 4676 S. U.S. 41 (No violations)

Approved to Open

Roly Poly, 1429 N. Sixth St.

Tropical Sno, 3701 E. Wabash Ave.


March 25 Restaurant Inspections

Terre Haute Restaurant Inspections

March 4-8, 2013

• China Wok, 3247 N. 21st St. (1 Critical, 6 Non-Critical) Knives with food debris found on rack.

• Idle Creek Golf Course, 5353 Eldridge Road (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Taco meat and cooked pasta held past date to discard (discarded).

• KFC, 4400 S. U.S. 41 (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Drive-thru soda nozzles found with debris.

• Walmart No. 1310, 5555 S. U.S. 41 (2 Non-Critical)

Establishments with no violations

• St. Patrick Lunch Program, 1807 Poplar St.

• St. Patrick School Cafeteria, 449 S 19th St.

• TC Wes Variety Store, 631 S. 14th St.

• North Vigo High School, 3434 Maple Ave.

Follow-up Inspections

• Crazy Buffet, 4676 S. U.S. 41 (4 Critical, 7 Non-Critical) After food delivery found box of raw shrimp sitting on floor in water (discarded); sweet and sour chicken, pizza, teriyaki chicken and broccoli on buffet found at 108-127 degrees — should be 135 degrees or above; dishes not sanitized after washing at 3-bay sink; found pieced together hose coming from ceiling above 3-bay sink used to fill 3-bay sink.

• McDonald’s, 3606 S. U.S. 41 (2 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) No sanitizer measured in wiping cloth buckets; drain in drive-thru area backing up, standing water on floor.

• Los Tres Caminos, 5147 S. U.S. 41 (No violations)

Approved to Open

•  Rally’s, 3175 Wabash Ave.

• Fifi’s Lunch Box Inc, 2401 Lafayette Ave.

• Fifi’s Lunch Box Mobile, 7705 N. 40th St.

• Senior Diner’s Club, 300 S. Fifth St.

Ground Breaks on New Terre Haute Restaurants

TERRE HAUTE., Ind. (WTHI) – Some headway is being made on two south side businesses.

Two new restaurants, Cheddar’s and Chick Fil-A have announced they are opening on Terre Haute’s south side.

Land is being moved and work is being done to make way for the new eateries.

Cheddar’s will be located in the former Sycamore Chevrolet property, near 3rd and Springhill.

Chick Fil-A will welcome customers just south of the Vigo County Fairgrounds.

No opening dates have been set for either restaurant.